upcoming grant deadline: 03/01/2018

upcoming grant deadline: 03/01/2018

Jai Arun Ravine and Coda Wei

Jai coda web ready

coda wei is a nonbinary femme poet. their chapbook on The Twelve Houses can be requested by email at wei.coda53[at]gmail.com. they are performing in a festival called will you? in new york in november.

Jai Arun Ravine is a writer, dancer and graphic designer. jaiarunravine.com


Leeway grant?

Art and Change Grant

The Art and Change Grant provides project-based grants of up to $2,500 to women and trans* artists in the Delaware Valley region to fund art for social change projects. 2018 applications will be available in January, 2018. [read more]

deadline 03/01
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