upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2017

upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2017

Reentry Think Tank heads to Slought for an evening of art, activism, and conversation!

Reentry Think Tank heads to Slought Foundation on March 29, 2017 for an evening of art, activism, and conversation! Share a meal with the Think Tank as we engage the city's reentry crisis through the eyes of those most affected. Hear how they are partnering with lawyers, advocates, and many others to transform Philadelphia's Reentry Services, and experience their dynamic art exhibit first hand. [learn more]

Where We Belong: Artists in the Archive

On Saturday, April 8, 2017, South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA) will host a day-long symposium bringing together artists, activists, academics, and archivists to explore ways to challenge the systematic erasure of stories of marginalized communities in America. Five South Asian American artists will premiere works-in-progress inspired by overlooked histories of South Asians in the US. [learn more]

Power to the People: Collaborations, Coalitions, and Community Building

Pia Deas (ACG '16, WOO '17) of Contemporary Black Canvas hosts "Power to the People: Collaborations, Coalitions, and Community Building" at Church of the Advocate. The artists' roundtable features poet Yolanda Wisher (ACG '08), dancer and choreographer Lela Aisha Jones (LTA '15), curator and festival organizer Maori Holmes (LTA '06, ACG '16, '06, '05), and writer and institution builder Rasheedah Phillips (Leeway board member). [learn more]

Monnette Sudler Performs at Center City Jazz Festival and More in April

Monnette Sudler (LTA '11, ACG '15, '14) performs in the Outbound Poetry Festival, the Philadelphia Real Book concert, and the Center City Jazz Festival this month. [learn more]

Sarah Mitteldorf and Kaleid Theatre Perform Scape-ing

Sarah Mitteldorf (ACG '15, '12)'s ensemble, Kaleid Theatre, will be performing a new piece, Scape-ing, on April 27-29 in Germantown. Scape-ing is an exploration of hate in space and in the body. Told through dance, plot-lines, poetry, and news articles, Scape-ing is a theatrical investigation of violent human emotions, a personal reflection on the first months of a new administration, and a ritual of compassion. [learn more]