upcoming grant deadline: 08/01/2017

upcoming grant deadline: 08/01/2017

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Bartol Foundation Presents Two Workshops on March 7 and 18

Marketing Yourself as a Teaching Artist Series:  Let's Talk Money

Tuesday, March 7th 2017 9:30 am- 12:00 pm

Bartol Foundation (Friends Center)

1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia

Have you ever lost money on a residency or realized you charged way too little for the work you promised? What is your time worth? What are the things you know you must have to provide a successful program? This session will work through how to set fair prices for your teaching artist activities, budget for all parts of a project, and develop ‘what if’ scenarios to make budgeting a useful tool in your teaching artist life. Register here.


Talking About Race in the Classroom and Community 

Saturday, March 18th 2017 9:30 am- 4:30 pm

Bartol Foundation (Friends Center)

1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia

In the current climate, we as educators play a unique role in nurturing a racially equitable learning environment for our participants. Join New York’s Border Crossers for this intensive training about strategies to recognize and address racism in your classroom and community. Through this training, teaching artists will:

Strengthen their analysis of how racism manifests itself in educational settings
Enhance their understanding of how racism affects children
Practice using tools and language to address race and racism in the classroom
Gain strategies to support a culture of respect, equity and inclusivity

This is not a lecture or a presentation – Border Crossers uses interactive theater and adult learning techniques to collectively discuss the role of race in our lives, share personal experiences of critical moments with students, develop strategies for confidently and effectively entering into conversations about race in the classroom and practice what to say when tough situations arise. Register here.

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