upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

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Allison Budschalow on Talkback Panel for Salt Pepper Ketchup

Salt Pepper Ketchup
Performance and Talkback
InterAct Theatre Company at The Drake
Sunday, November 4, 2pm

Responding to the themes of racial tension in the play Salt Pepper Ketchup and proposing a vision for racial solidarity in the face of displacement, this post-show talkback presented by Asian Arts Initiative and moderated by AAI Director of Programs, Carol Zou, features Allison Budschalow (ACG '18), Meegan Denenberg, and Kendra Brooks discussing their work on research, storytelling, and other anti-displacement strategies in Philadelphia’s rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods.



About Salt Pepper Ketchup:

A layer of bulletproof glass won’t protect Superstar Chinese Take-Out owners from the gentrification consuming the Point Breeze neighborhood in South Philly. When a trendy food co-op opens nearby, the Wu’s and their customers initially see it as a hipster annoyance, but as tensions mount they begin to recognize the intrusion as an act of war. Tinged with genuine humor and pathos, Wilder’s play examines the very human consequences of neighborhood redevelopment -- who benefits and who gets chewed up and spit out?

Written by Josh Wilder and directed by Jerrell L. Henderson


For tickets to the performance and conversation, visit Asian Arts Initiative's website.


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