upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

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Artful Questions with Gabrielle Civil

Friday, January 19, 2018; 10:00am to 12:30 pm
Bartol Foundation (Friends Center) 1501 Cherry Street, Phila.

Join Minneapolis-based black feminist poet, performance artist and arts activist Gabrielle Civil for this dynamic workshop that investigates our most basic teaching strategy – asking questions.  As teaching artists, how can we use thoughtful, playful, artful questions to stimulate imagination, propel creativity, and foster productive response?  Digging deep into our own cultural assumptions and biases, we will discuss the power of thoughtful, appropriate questions (and the destructiveness of intrusive, inappropriate ones) as prompts for class lessons and constructive feedback sessions. We will also link our questions as teaching artists to artistic, social and community concerns. Come ready to breathe, move, consider, inquire, listen, respond, and share. One time only! Teaching artists and educators in all disciplines are welcome. Register here.

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