upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2018

upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2018

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Black Quantum Futurism/ The AfroFuturist Affair Celebrates Opening of Community Futures Lab

Camae Ayewa (LTA ’15, ACG ’07) and Leeway board member Rasheedah Phillips of Black Quantum Futurism/ The AfroFuturist Affair, is celebrating the opening of Community Futures Lab (2204 Ridge Ave) June 18 from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Community Futures Lab will function as a resource library, community studio and gallery, workshop space, story recording booth, thinktank, experimental space and more.

Over the next year, Black Quantum Futurism will be building and enacting a quantum time capsule, exploring oral histories/futures, preservation, displacement, and alternative temporalities within the North Philadelphia community known as Sharswood/Blumberg. “Community Futurisms” will document the redevelopment of Sharswood/Blumberg, through a multidisciplinary community art project that explores the intersections of futurism, literature, visual remixing, sound, and activism as art.

If you can't make it out to the reception, please contact the Community Futures Lab to find out other ways to support or get involved. They are also seeking to gather stories from current and former residents of Sharswood and surrounding community.

All ages are welcome

Community Futurisms supported in part by A Blade of Grass

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