upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

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A20: Art and Artists Outdoors Call for Teaching Artists

Mural Arts' A2O: Art and Artists Outdoors is a youth-focused artist residency based in Philadelphia recreation centers that celebrates the natural environment of Philadelphia. Each artist-in-residence leads art workshops and creates a public artwork that teaches youth about being stewards of the environment so that the environment can support them, their wellness and their future.

Each artist is assigned to a recreation center, and teaches bi-weekly workshops for young people ages 10-14. The artist designs activities that empower the youth to creatively express themselves and that educate them about an environmental theme. Residency themes are chosen by the artist and can include ideas such as healthy food access, local birds, environmental justice, air pollution, native plants, littering, ecology, and more. Each Artist-in-Residence will be supported in and out of the classroom by an Assistant Teaching Artist.

As part of their residency, each artist creates a final project with the students, installed at the recreation center. The final project is based on the environmental theme and incorporates students’ voices and ideas while also reflecting the artist’s vision and professional creative process. The final project can be permanent or semi-permanent, and is a celebration of the year’s work and learning.

Deadline: August 19

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