upcoming grant deadline: 08/01/2018

upcoming grant deadline: 08/01/2018

Artist News

Ursula Rucker: Poetry for the Stage and Camera at Scriber Video Center

Ursula Rucker (LTA '08, ACG '08) will facilitate three sessions of Poetry for the Stage and Camera at Scribe Video Center beginning April 5. [learn more]

Muthi Reed Leads Producers’ Working Group at Scribe

Muthi Reed will lead six 4-hour sessions starting Saturday, April 7 to help filmmakers with production planning, cinematography and sound recording strategies. [learn more]

A Film by Kathryn Smith Pyle and María Teresa Rodríguez is mentioned on WHYY

A film by Kathryn Smith-Pyle (ACG '17, '14) and María Teresa Rodríguez (LTA '07, WOO '03) was mentioned in a piece by WHYY about the legacy of Archbishop Oscar Romero. [learn more]

Erika Guadalupe Nuñez is newest Visiting Artist in Residence at Brandywine Workshop and Archives

Erika Guadalupe Nunez is one of Brandywine's newest visiting artists in residence. Fleisher will host a tour of Brandywine to explore a collection of prints produced in their Visiting Artist in Residence program on April 28. [learn more]

Ania Lolbe (@Pormisjoyas) is featured in Atrevete on PhillyCAM

Last month, Ania Lolbe (@Pormisjoyas) (ACG '17) was featured on Atrevete, a monthly Latino bilingual community news program and run by PhillyCAM. [learn more]