upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

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Electrifest: Lgbt/qpoc wellness and healthcare fest!

ELECTRIFEST ---- an event for LGBTQ folks navigating healthcare, wellness, and institutional trauma through radical music and art ----
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All events at The Rotunda (4014 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104). 

April 8, 2017

Coup Sauvage @ 5:30pm

Might Haunt @ 6:00pm

King Azaz @ 6:30pm

Wordz the Poet Emcee @ 7:00pm (SoundCloud)

Downtrodder @ 7:30pm

Yatta @ 8:00pm

Among the Rocks and Roots @ 8:30pm

Sour Spirit @ 9:00pm

Romona Cordova @ 9:30pm

Interminable @ 10:00pm

Ex By V. @ 10:30pm

Pinkwash @ 11:00pm

April 9, 2017

madam data @ 5:00pm

vitche-boul ra @ 5:30pm

Kilamanzego @ 6:00pm

No Hero @ 6:30pm

Anatomy of an Outcast @ 7:00pm

CMOV @ 7:30pm

Carl Kavorkian @ 8:00pm

Zaki @ 8:30pm

Sheena and thee Nosebleeds @ 9:00pm

SWARM @ 9:30pm

Trophy Wife @ 10:00pm

Solarized @ 10:30pm

Presenters / Workshop Collaborators / Panels
WORKSHOPS WILL BE FROM 1pm to 5pm each day

April 8

1:00pm to 2:30pm - Medicine Cabinet Clinic: Workshop by the Healthcare Liberation Collective ----------- Medical providers will discuss historical oppression of patientsand regularly occurring clinical issues including common colds, anal pain, urinary tract infections, cramps, and muscle strains/sprains. We will provide strategies for home treatment as well as advice as to when a clinician's help may be recommended. There will be an extensive Q&A with confidential (pick of the hat) health questions answered by clinicians. In alphanumeric order: Elliot Goodenough, Jack Gordon, Ronica Mukerjee, Kara Pravdo

2:45pm to 4:00pm - presentation by the Black & Brown Workers Collective

4:15pm to 5:00pm - reading by Cyree Jarelle Johnson from a new manuscript entitled "a machine of mahogany and bronze"

April 9

1:00pm to 2:30pm - Finding Help within Broken Healthcare Systems: A facilitated panel discussion based on healthcare from an emergency/crisis response all the way through to chronic care and all the difficulties in between for marginalized and vulnerable communities. Panel includes providers of healthcare, social, and legal services. Participants: Facilitated by Alex Smith, Panelists Kate Gormely, Adrian Lowe, Ksenya Leah Basarab

2:45pm to 3:45pm - A Casserole is not Enough: Building teams of care in non traditional communities ---- a workshop by Kelli Dunham

4:00pm to 5:00pm- Trauma/Mental Health workshop by Ras Mashramani

-Rebellious Nursing Philly will be tabling and sharing info/resources on April 8th & 9th

:::::::::::: suggested donation tba, no one turned away for lack of funds, the Rotunda is a wheelchair accessible venue ::::::::::::::


The STRANGE DREAMS collective is a small group of folks seeking to liberate healthcare and wellness spaces from the grip of bureaucracy, tedium, and racist, homophobic and transphobic micro-aggressions. Strange Dreams is putting together an event called ELECTRIFEST: Radical Queer Empowered Healthcare and Wellness (ELECTRIFEST in short). At this event, we are concerned with helping to widen frequently inaccessible avenues of the healthcare and pharmaceutical complex-- both figuratively and literally-- and to pry open the gates that have remained shut for millions of marginalized folks for decades. We plan to ask very simple, direct questions about navigating the landscape of wellness and prevention to get to the core of what options exist, what practices we can combat, and what resources are there to promote the general well-being of our impacted queer and black and brown bodies.

While ELECTRIFEST is not a proposal for an alternative health gathering per se, we also propose that there are many different types of healing. In this instance, we will use the galvanizing force of music, art, spoken word, performance, dance and celebration to help highlight the issues. As well, the jubilant nature of what we propose with provide a euphoric blueprint of the paradigm we envision for a future in which our expression as queer and POC artists are heard resplendently.

The idea is to gather radical and/or progressive minds within the healthcare industry-- EMTs, paramedics, doctors, nurses, caretakers, clinicians, advocates, lawyers, midwives, doulas, social workers, activists, healers, pharmacists-- as well as those greatly impacted by the rigors of the health care landscape. Through a series of panels, presentations, and lectures-- all with a QnA so that direct voices can be heard and can question-- we will weave a powerful tapestry that can extended even beyond this initial event.

-an as yet unnamed political activist organization that benefits the health and well-being of LGBT people of color
-the continuation of this conversation in the form of informative zines, websites or other events; and most specifically
-to the LGBT and/or POC-led and empowering bands, artists, and participants themselves.

DISCUSSION TOPICS (among others):
-Trans health concerns
-navigating the intricacies of the health system as a queer person of color
-housing and gentrification
-a roadmap to benefits and resources not often made available to marginalized people
-understanding intersections of identity and health risks involved
-non-pharmacutical healing practices
-bed-side manner and proper protocol of emergency caretakers
-making spaces accessible for disabled people
-racism and white supremacy in the medical industry

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