upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

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Photo by Emerson Aniceto

If You Want to Watch, You Can Watch: Heather Raquel Phillips Featured in Sixty

In November, professor and scholar Kirin Wachter-Grene sat in conversation with Heather Raquel Phillips (ACG '17) about her films in front of a live audience, on the day that a month-long screening titled “Short Ones | Long Ones: Time Based Work by Heather Raquel Phillips” debuted at the Leather Archives & Museum in Chicago. The resulting interview and article was published on Sixty Inches From Center, an art and social justice online magazine rooted in the Chicago area. The article opens with the following quote:

In Heather Raquel Phillips’ videos we are so very close. But we rarely get the full picture. Instead, we sense our way. We feel what we are meant to know, despite, or because of, the ambiguity. It is familiar, yet private. We cannot, would not, transpose ourselves onto or into another’s moment. But we watch, transfixed, sometimes trapped up close, sometimes lingering, our desires holding us rapt. 

 Read the entire article and interview on Sixty.

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