upcoming grant deadline: 03/01/2019

upcoming grant deadline: 03/01/2019

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Kristin Schwab Opens PHLA Kitchen on September 9

Kristin Schwab (ACG '16), Pascale Boucicaut (ACG '15) and several other artists and storytellers will open Philadelphia Assembled Kitchen (PHLA Kitchen), a culinary experience that offers recipes and dishes from a dozen Philadelphia residents, sharing their visions of survival, resistance and victory. PHLA Kitchen will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 AM -2:30 PM from September 9 through December 10. 

In March 2017, Philadelphia Assembled put out a call for Philadelphia cooks and storytellers who are passionate about food and change to collaborate on the creation of the PHLA Kitchen. 40 people from various communities and backgrounds applied and a dozen were chosen to share their experiences, foodways, and visions of survival, resistance, and victory. Throughout the spring and summer of 2017, these culinary artists have gathered to honor those who inspire their cooking, share their recipes, and create menus that celebrate and build their individual and collective foodways. 

Menu #1 SURVIVAL: September 9th through October 8th
Dishes curated by Catzie Vilayphonh (Laos In The House), Khaliah D. Pitts (Our Mothers’ Kitchens), Shivon Love (Our Mothers’ Kitchens), and Saigay Sherrif

Menu #2 RESISTANCE: October 10th through November 5th
Dishes curated by Ailbhe Pascal (Fikira Bakery), Kristin Schwab, Sulaiha Olatunji (PplFood) and Taylor Johnson-Gordon (Sistah of the Yam)

Menu #3 VICTORY: November 7th through December 10th
Dishes curated by Nia Minard, Pascale Boucicaut, and Acorn & Frances Rose (K is for Kitchen & West Philly’s Community Supported Kitchen)

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