upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

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Theatre en Las Parcelas

Power Street Theatre Company Performs Out of Orbit on June 10

Power Street Theatre Company and ​Norris Square Neighborhood Project present Theatre en Las Parcelas, a series of culturally-resonating performances in a garden space in North Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, PA - Set in ​Las Parcelas, ​a sacred cultural garden space in the heart of ​El Barrio​,​ ​this programming will feature new play-reading series, one full play production, as well as open-mic storytelling by youth and adults, all for the price of “pay what you wish."

Each reading will explore the multifaceted intersections of various cultures while posing meaningful intergenerational questions about survival, self-­preservation and strength, all in a social-adversity context. Both readings and production will end with a talkback, giving community members the opportunity to ask questions and converse with the playwright and cast.

Produced by Gabriela Sanchez, recipient of the Leeway Art and Change Grant
Date: Saturday, May 13th
​Location: Las Parcelas, 2248 N Palethorp St, Philadelphia, PA 19133
Rain Date: Saturday, May 20th​

2pm-4pm: Las Mujeres by Erlina Ortiz
Las Mujeres, is a journey through time as we meet the famous Latinas of herstory's past. Marlene, a workaholic engineer who wouldn’t call herself a feminist, has just been the only woman at her firm promoted to a managerial position. After a devastating encounter, Marlene finds reality has faded away and her kitchen becomes... a party. The guests? Frida Kahlo, Rita Hayworth, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, and Minerva Mirabal. Don’t know them? You will. These remarkable women share their stories of art, and Revolucion! with the comfortable and complacent Marlene, but will she wake up?

4-5pm: Intermission - featuring live music

5-7pm: Shelter in Place by Alisha Adams
Shelter in Place, imagines what it takes for two Puerto Rican women to survive the fall of America. What happens when everything we take for granted disappears? When life pushes us to our limits, how long can we keep love and compassion alive?

Out of Orbit by Power Street Theatre Company
Date: Saturday, June 10th
​Location: Las Parcelas, 2248 N Palethorp St, Philadelphia, PA 19133
Time: 6pm
Rain Date: Saturday, June 17th

Out of Orbit is a three-character theatre piece that incorporates poetic monologue, movement and music while exploring the complexities of power and privilege, environmental justice, homelessness, ancestral awakenings, and Latinx cultural preservation.  
Click here to reserve tickets.

Open Mic Garden Party
Date: Saturday, August 12th
Time: 6pm
​Rain Date: Saturday, August 26th

Power Street Theatre Company (PSTC) is home to a collective of fierce multicultural and multidisciplinary artists dedicated to the mission of empowering marginalized artists and communities of color throughout Philadelphia and beyond.
CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia provides a charitable home and affordable shared management resources for arts and heritage programs of diverse disciplines and cultural traditions.
Norris Square Neighborhood Project promotes positive change through youth education, community leadership, green spaces, the arts, and the celebration of Latinx cultures


Leeway Foundation
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Maria Quinones Sanchez Activity Grant

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