upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

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Sarah Muehlbauer (ACG ‘18) Launches Body Maps Workshop Series

Philadelphia School of Circus Arts
6452 Greene Street
Philadelphia, PA 19119
Thursdays from Jan 31-Mar 21


Created by Sarah Muehlbauer (ACG '18), Body Maps is a progressive 8-week workshop that results in an experimental performance piece. This includes an option to participate in a works-in-progress showing in collaboration with professional artists. Class will run on Thursdays from 6:30 - 8 from January 31st- March 21st at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. This is a pilot series for social intervention, drawing together communities that experience chronic illness. We center ourselves through a positive, creative act...a performance of resilience, healthy embodiment, and community.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In the beginning, maps were nothing more than theories, plans to journey and bring back data, rough pictures that allowed new explorers to travel further into the unknown. Having traversed our planet outwardly, we begin the journey in. We can spend our whole lives getting to know the maps of our bodies, their patterns, preferences, joys, obstacles, and hidden history. The way we frame this journey has everything to do with where we end up. So let's create maps of our journeys...separately, but together.

Body Maps is a combination of movement exploration and conceptual inquiry. It’s designed to dissect aspects of our physical selves in relation to our experience, put in context with broader habits, patterns found in nature, and archetypal symbols. Using writing prompts and movement exercises to test out physical "theories", we will seek to understand our body as landscape both inwardly and as part of a larger whole. Strong predictions force the growth of theories- they turn hypothese into research programs (Horace Freeman). Wear comfortable clothes. Expect to move around, and bring whatever virtuosity you carry with you, from any background. No performance experience necessary. It's recommended to bring a notebook. Priority registration goes to artists with chronic illnesses. Please contact with any accommodation needs and we will do our best to arrange for the most optimal participation.

For more information, visit the Lion or Fox website, and register here.

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