upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

upcoming grant deadline: 05/15/2019

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Scribe Announces the Precious Places Community History Project 2019

Each group will plan, shoot, and edit a video about their “precious place” with the help of a filmmaker and a research scholar hired by Scribe.  While these facilitators will work closely with participants throughout the course of production, the work itself—the planning, writing, and filming—will be done by members of the community groups. 

This program is free for organizations in Philadelphia, Camden and adjoining counties. No prior experience in filmmaking is required. 

Deadline: February 15th, 5pm 


The Roots Of The Project
The Precious Places Community History Project is a community oral history project inviting members of the Philadelphia region's many neighborhoods to document the buildings, public spaces, parks, landmarks and other sites that hold the memories of our communities and define where we live. Precious Places teaches the video production process to participating groups, fostering projects authored by those who intimately know the featured neighborhoods.

Conceived as a way to allow neighborhood groups to celebrate their unique histories and as a tool to address cuurent day corncerns, the Precious Places video documentaries explore the rich stories of our communities, the memories and stories held in public spaces and community landmarks. They record community histories  and help define where we live at a time when so many of the city's memories are undergoing so much change.

Through more than three decades of work with individuals and groups, Scribe Video Center has taught the craft of documentary video production. We have guided first time film makers in creating works that help bring visions to life. We know that many more stories are out there just waiting to be told. And we share with others who are concerned about the disinterest, deterioration, gentrification, unfamiliarity and even misinformation that endanger so much of the region. Community oral history is an ideal way to share the stories of these "precious places." to celebrate them and the people who cherish them.

 For more information and to apply, visit Scribe Video Center's website.

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