upcoming grant deadline: 03/01/2019

upcoming grant deadline: 03/01/2019

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People's Paper Co-op's Women in Reentry Paid Fellowship

The People's Paper Co-op is accepting Applications for the Women In reentry Fellowship until February 28, 2019. [learn more]

Women In Reentry Take on Philadelphia City Hall

Fellows from the People's Paper Coop present their report on the state of women in reentry for the Philadelphia Commission for Women. [learn more]

2nd Annual Women in Reentry Day

The People’s Paper Co-op presents Women In Reentry Day on May 10. This event is being organized by an amazing group of women in reentry who are participating in the spring advocacy program at the People's Paper Co-op. This spring, the women are helping the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund for their 2nd annual Mama's day bail out (raising money to bail mothers out before Mothers Day). [learn more]

Women in Reentry Day Women in Reentry Day

Women in Reentry Day

The People's Paper Co-op presents Women in Reentry Day on June 10 at the Village of Arts and Humanities. The day is being organized by an amazing group of formerly incarcerated women who not only created a powerful art exhibit about their lives, dreams, and demands, but who wanted to use that exhibit as a way to bring people together who are working to support women coming home. [learn more]