upcoming grant deadline: 08/01/2018

upcoming grant deadline: 08/01/2018

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The Lavender Collection Launch Party

A celebration of feminist women of color presented by Philly Print will take place on Saturday May 3 at Yell Gallery (2111 East Susquehanna Avenue). Performances, artwork, 'zines, music and cupcakes by Jos Duncan (LTA '13, ACG '11), Moor Mother Goddess, Misty Sol (ACG '13, '11, '07, '06), Morris Marquise, Burns, Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela (ACG '12, LTA '05) aka DJ Halfbreed, Jamila Hadiya, No Shame Distro, Guerilla Feminism Philadelphia ,Thread Makes Blanket Press. Click here for more information.

MOOR MOTHER GODDESS | Low fi/dark rap/chill step/ blk girl blues/witch rap/coffee shop riot gurl songs/southern girl dittys/black ghost songs

JOS DUNCAN | Filmmaker, Storyteller & Educator | Jos Duncan is a filmmaker, storyteller and educator. She began her work in media working with Scribe Video Center as the Program Coordinator where she coordinated the Precious Places Community History Project, a 12-part grass roots documentary project, which aired on WHYY in collaboration with non-profit organizations throughout Philadelphia, PA and Camden, NJ. In 2007, Jos founded GRIOTWORKS with the goal of bringing communities together through the production of mixed media storytelling projects. She has told stories at numerous events in Philadelphia and New York, has facilitated multi-media storytelling workshops nationally and is emerging as a noted motivational speaker. 

MISTY SOL | Interdisciplinary Artist | Misty Sol is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice blurs the lines between art, scholarship, education and mysticism. Her poems, songs, stories, plays, workshops, pictures and sacred objects combine to create an afrofuturist gumbo that smells a lot like dreaming out loud. Misty’s stories have been published in an anthology of young adult literature titled, From Where We Sit. Her stage play, American Nigga Zoo investigated the relationship between spectacle, captivity and racism. And her most recent work has taken the form of illustration for the children’s book, Little Myrtle. 

MORRIS MARQUISE BURNS | Portrait and Conceptual Artist | Morris Marquise Burns is a Philadelphia-based portrait and conceptual artist. Morris uses acrylic, oils, pastels and pen to create vibrant portraits, full of movement and expression. A self taught art fan first, Morris draws inspiration from the social issues of our times. Themes surrounding education, aspiration and local history inform his conceptual work, while commissioned portraits offer him the chance to preserve memories for individuals and families. In a world where most images never make it off the memory card, and can be lost in an instant, a hand-crafted portrait is a tangible artifact to be treasured for generations. @morris_makes_art 

DJ HALFBREED | DJ, Writer | Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela, aka DJ Halfbreed, is a writer, professor and DJ based in West Philadelphia. Her work has been recognized by the Leeway Foundation, Hedgebrook and others, and has been published in numerous journals. She is the founder of Thread Makes Blanket press, www.threadmakesblanket.com. As part of her teaching at Community College of Philadelphia, she teaches reading and writing in Philadelphia jails. Follow her @marissajv

NO SHAME DISTRO | Zines | No Shame Distro is a people of color collective who is interested in promoting zine writers and artists of color. Coming from an anti-oppression frame work they acknowledge that poc identify in a myriad of ways and work towards their distro reflecting this. 

GUERRILLA FEMINISM PHILADELPHIA | Guerrilla Feminism is an intersectional feminist collective, which aims to create an online dialogue between various communities about women’s and gender issues. GF Philadelphia has kindly donated handouts and information to us to share with you at the event. We're happy to have their support! http://guerrillafeminism.tumblr.com/ http://guerrillafeminism.tumblr.com/

THREAD MAKES BLANKET PRESS | Thread Makes Blanket is a small press that embarks on collaborations with artists and authors to produce books of substance and beauty. With a wealth of collective knowledge and effort supporting the press, Thread Makes Blanket comes out of community. http://www.threadmakesblanket.com/

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