upcoming grant deadline: 03/01/2019

upcoming grant deadline: 03/01/2019

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Wit López (ACG ‘18) in Caldera Magazine

Wit Lopez (ACG '18) has written a slew of articles for local arts and culture online magazine, Caldera, including a thoughtful piece on trauma in performance spaces and offers tips on building more trauma aware and informed performance spaces. From the article:

"The sad truth is that we are very comfortable with the abuse that exists in the world of performance. Abuse is woven into every fiber of the performance world: how we teach performance, how we perform, how we learn performance, how we build relationships with fellow performers, and even how we interact with performance as members of an audience."

In another piece, Wit interview four Black trans artists keeping Philadelphia's arts and performance scene interesting, such as 90s inspired drag and performance artist and emcee Icon Ebony Fierce, and Black femme DJ Delish, hailing from West Philly.

Read Wit's "Is trauma-informed, healing-centered performance pedagogy possible?" on Caldera Magazine.

Read "Black Trans Artists Are Making the Arts in Philly a Better Place to Be" on Caldera Magazine.

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