upcoming grant deadline: 08/01/2018

upcoming grant deadline: 08/01/2018

Betty Leacraft

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2011 Leeway Transformation Award – $15,000

Betty is a mixed media fiber artist, educator, lecturer, and curator who attempts to create opportunities for under-served, under-resourced ethnic communities and individuals through interactive, hands-on, fiber art projects where participants share untold stories, acquire new artistic skills, and develop respect for cultural diversity in our communities.

Her signature workshop series African Inspired Design uses art as a tool of communication to provide a framework for dialog about cultural awareness, and shared cultural connections. Since the early 1990s, Betty has taught and lectured numerous students and individuals in residencies and workshops in the Tri-state area with a focus on textile arts in diverse communities, schools, correctional facilities, shelters, re-entry and recovery programs, senior residences and centers, libraries, colleges, and museums.

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deadline 08/01
Upcoming events
06/246:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Leeway x Icebox Residency: Lineages and Routes Artist Talk

A conversation on process and study with diasporic artists Marie Alarcón (WOO '18, ACG '09), Petra Floyd, Naya, Wit López (ACG '18), and Jennifer Turnbull (ACG '09) of SWARM. 

[learn more]

06/297:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Leeway x Icebox Residency: No/New Rites Culminating Performance

An evening of new performances by Marie Alarcón in collaboration with SWARM, Petra Floyd, Wit López, and Naya

[learn more]