upcoming grant deadline: 03/01/2019

upcoming grant deadline: 03/01/2019

Candy Depew

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1999 Edna Andrade Award

I come from a large family of nine. My mother had a consuming passion that drove her to amass a vast collection of antiques. Her massive inventory filled the home in which we lived. The walls of nearly every room were lined with glass cabinets filled with examples of early American cut glass and European porcelains. These cabinets housed, protected and categorically displayed the prized examples of her obsession and desire. My exposure every day for 17 years to the cabinets provided me with a heightened visual vocabulary for understanding pattern, style and design, as well as arrangements of form and of surface.

My mother's urge to collect and to decorate the domestic environment with her collections is the driving force behind the sculpture that I make. My sculptural ceramic installations investigate the environments and places created by and for collections, and represents my personal interest in the decorative arts, ornament- ation, the organization of interior space and the history of design. I have become aware of not only the subtle relationships among the decorative, design and the fine arts, but the potential for combining these genres in "room installations." I think of these rooms as "virtual tableaux" which require the viewer to be within, and part of, the space.


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Leeway Transformation Award

The Transformation Award provides unrestricted annual awards of $15,000 to women and trans* artists and cultural producers living in greater Philadelphia who create art for social change and have done so for the past five years or more, demonstrating a long-term commitment to social change work. [read more]

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