upcoming grant deadline: 03/01/2019

upcoming grant deadline: 03/01/2019

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Ife Nii Owoo’s New Exhibit

Ife Nii Owoo's (ACG '07) new exhibit, Salt Eaters and Rough Edges opens the third year of programming at The Museum of Art and Peace (21 West Washington Lane), showcasing the artist’s ongoing exploration and celebration of African American culture.

In her paintings, collages, and mixed-media works, Ife Nii Owoo draws upon her deep knowledge of African visual traditions and freely mixes her personal experience with communal stories and symbolism. Her striking works establish intersecting themes of race, gender identity, and class distinction.

Ife Nii Owoo studied African Visual Arts at the Institute of African Studies in Accra, Ghana, and lived in London, England and Africa for nine years. Ms. Nii Owoo has received numerous awards, recognitions and grants including the prestigious Leeway Foundation Change Award. In 2010, she was commissioned to create a visual graphic treatment for the slave memorial space at The President’s House Commemorative Memorial Site, Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The exhibit runs through November. 

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